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Begin Your Search for the Perfect Townhouse or Condo

Are you ready to stop renting and buy your first property? A townhouse or condo could be the perfect option for someone just starting out or empty-nesters looking to downsize. This type of real estate gives home buyers the benefits of owning their own space while cutting down on the number of responsibilities of homeownership. The real estate agents at KCRE are here to help you find the right townhouse or condo in Kansas City to meet your needs. Whether you are a single individual looking to purchase, a young professional looking for exciting city life, or a retired couple who is ready to downsize, we can find you a property to meet all of your needs. Contact our team today, and let’s start your search!

The Benefits of Owning a Condo

Though condominiums are often smaller than single-family homes, these properties have many advantages in their own right. Many potential buyers can find everything they need and more, as many condos feature amenities and luxuries you won’t find in a detached home neighborhood. The choice of buying a condo really comes down to your lifestyle. Are you the type of person who needs a yard and private space all to yourself? Or do you prefer the closeness of neighbors in a livelier city scene? We’ll help you determine what’s best for you. Some of the most prominent advantages of a condo include:

No Exterior Maintenance or Repairs

The exterior of a condo is owned and maintained by the building owner or homeowner’s association (HOA). This means as a condo owner, you’re only responsible for the repairs and maintenance of the interior of your unit. No worries about mowing a lawn, exterior painting, maintaining landscaping, or other outdoor chores.

Location, Location, Location

Condos are usually smaller than a single-family home and are located in a building with numerous other units, allowing them to be more densely packed in tight city areas. If city living is for you, a condo might be the right choice. This also means you’ll be closer to shopping, entertainment, and other amenities.


Since condo buildings serve so many residents, they're often packed with shared amenities. As the owner of a condo, you could gain access to swimming pools, tennis courts, pet parks, jogging trails, and more.

Social Engagement

Because neighbors live in such close proximity, condo communities open up the opportunity to build more social connections with those in your building. The community may even host special events where all residents can gather, get to know each other, and have fun.

We’re Here to Make Your Real Estate Transaction Successful